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Automated Campaign Finance Compliance

4US is a non-partisan, real-time campaign finance compliance automation utility servicing political committees, non-profits and campaign finance regulators.

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How 4US Works


Improving Efficiency, Empowering Transparency

Automated data collection, real-time compliance

Reduced transaction and compliance fees

An opt-in network, transparency litmus test

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Global leaders in emerging technology, campaign finance and compliance

Will Schweitzer

Founder, CEO, Schweitzer Laboratories

A special operations and political veteran, Will has spent his career at the intersection of national security, emerging technology and geopolitics. He has worked with organizations and political leaders including: President Barack Obama, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, Congressman Joe Morelle, 75th Ranger Regiment, Global Risk Advisors, FedTech, NASA and IBM.

Ann Ravel

Advisor, Schweitzer Laboratories

Appointed by President Barack Obama, Ann Ravel is a former Chair of the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) and oversaw the agency during the 2016 presidential election. Before her presidential appointment, California Governor Jerry Brown appointed her as Chair of the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) where she won landmark cases against dark money groups seeking to exploit the California campaign finance system. She is currently a Senior Fellow at Maplight.

Ben Duranske

Advisor, Schweitzer Laboratories

Ben Duranske has built compliance and anti-money laundering programs for the world's largest technology companies including Facebook Payments and Apple Pay. Ben later co-founded and served as CEO at Beam Solutions, an anti-money laundering platform, which was acquired by Jumio in the Fall of 2020.

Kieren Lubin

Advisor, Schweitzer Laboratories

Kieren Lubin is the co-founder and CEO of BlockApps. Kieren and his team launched the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance and partnered with Microsoft, AWS and Google Cloud to pioneer the blockchain-as-a-service category. Kieren and BlockApps have built blockchain systems for sectors across the world including government, energy, agriculture, financial services, travel and more.

Evan Piro

Head of Product, Schweitzer Laboratories

With a decade of full stack development and product management experience, Evan brings an impactful set of technical and industry perspectives which has accelerated the creation of 4US. As a blockchain specialist, Evan has positioned 4US to be the category leader in campaign finance compliance automation and is pioneering this new blockchain use case with our team of technical partners.


4US was created to attack one of the greatest geopolitical challenges of our time.

A corrupted and mistrusted political finance system rots democracy at it's core, and serves as a model for it's destruction world wide.


Democracy is defined by elections

Campaign finance is central to the functioning of America’s democratic system, yet it is wrought with public mistrust. A 2019 Gallup study found that only 20% of Americans are satisfied with the nation’s campaign finance system.

While much focus has been put on proposed adjustments to the regulatory regime through policy initiatives, little attention has been paid toward improving the existing processes of compliance and law enforcement.

4US addresses these challenges by reimagining campaign finance from the inside out and automating the core processes of data collection, real-time compliance enforcement and transparent disclosure.

4US is a non-partisan, automated campaign finance compliance utility which leverages breakthrough innovations in blockchain, artificial intelligence and payments technology. As a blockchain network, 4US unites committees, donors, vendors, banks and regulators to automate compliance operations, improve law enforcement and restore trust in our democratic institutions.


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